New Day, New Title!

I’ve been offering the next book in the Dancing Detective series free to people who sign up to my newsletter, so my subscribers will be glad to know that I have finished all the editing I had on my plate, and DD volume #2 is finally under way. It has a title, and it has […]

Moodboard for Rory

I was asked “What five objects define your main character?” and for Rory these ones came to mind. Cookware, brogues, a panama sunhat, an expensive camera. Plus bonus portrait and dancers. The kit of the dancers is wrong for the Fenland Boggles, but was chosen because it fitted with the whole red and blue thing. […]

Who am I?

That sounds very existential, doesn’t it? But I’m not really going to try to go into the depths of self analysis right now. I’m just posting this to introduce myself and say a little about why I decided to write cozy mystery. I’ve been writing since I was eleven. Which means, now that I’m squarely […]