Day Two of the Bento Weekend

Day one went very well! We danced from 10.30 to 4pm (with breaks for lunch and for getting from one spot to another) and I ended up bringing a couple of spoonfuls of fruit salad and pasta salad home with me. So the volume of food was about right.

However, salad was very unsatisfying when attempting to fuel you through elevenses, lunch and afternoon tea. So my box for tomorrow is much higher in protein.

Pudding is much the same, but with an extra cheese and a sprinkling of ginger on top of the fruit. There’s rice underneath the hard-boiled egg. A divider of roast sweet potato separates a baked tofu madras (with green beans and broccoli) from the rice, and I kept back a few of the marinated baked tofu squares to eat separately because they’re really good on their own.

The madras is made with the Slimming World sauce which I got from Iceland, and is also really good, though I’ll be interested to see if it’s still palatable when it’s cold. At any rate, providing it’s not horrible, this should be a more hearty and satisfying meal than today’s.