Free Book Bundle

Hi all! Not much is going on chez Robyn at the moment, other than a lot of gardening and a sudden interest in changing my lifestyle to become as ecologically friendly as possible. I foresee a new series with a permaculture-focussed sleuth on the horizon, but I must finish writing the third Dancing Detective mystery first.

Summer is always a time of rest and reflection for me. While I think about what to do with the rest of my life – facing a future that may well end up being a terrifying dystopia worthy of fiction all by itself – here are a couple of free books 🙂

Fancy distracting yourself from climate change and political terror? Or inspiring yourself that a single person really can make a difference, and that sometimes we are called to the role of reluctant hero ourselves?

Try one of these!
The Fab, Feisty and Female Bundle
In the mean time, are any of you on Mastodon? I’m a big supporter of Open Source software, and – as I say – I’ve been getting into permaculture and solarpunk. If those things appeal to you too, find me

News about actual writing of books in the next one, I hope!