What next?

Now Murder of a Working Ghost is out, my thoughts turn toward what I will be writing next. A question which is further complicated by the fact that I have two other pen names currently demanding new books too.

Right now, I’m writing a space opera for my Alex Oliver readers, and when that’s done I mean to write a romance for my Alex Beecroft readers. Only then will I be able to turn my efforts toward the third Dancing Detective novel.

My newsletter folks didn’t express a preference between Murder of a Starship Trooper and Murder at the Murder Meal, so that can remain a surprise (to me as well) until I sit down to it.

In the mean time I’m wrestling with the strange new world of indie publishing. I had barely scratched the surface of how useful Facebook was to authors before Facebook deleted my Robyn Beecroft account and there’s no sign yet of it ever coming back.

Their ‘real name’ policy is massively inconvenient for someone who is trying to write under three pen names! (And who also has a really bad memory for login details.)

Anyway, this means that my Facebook account is deleted, but my Facebook page still remains. You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/Robyn-Beecroft-Cozy-Mystery-Author-347680635791392

But tbh if you want the up-to-date information, keeping an eye on this blog or joining my newsletter is the more reliable way to go.