Murder of a Working Ghost is out today!

Apparently (according to a ‘how to be a successful indie author’ book whose title I can’t now remember) I shot myself in the foot by putting Murder of a Working Ghost out on pre-order because now there won’t be a proper new-release surge and I won’t hit the popularity charts blah blah blah.

Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about that now. If it turns out that this release is a massive flop, I’ll know not to do that again 🙂

In the mean time, I choose to be excited because I have a new book out. Woohoo!

Pre-ordering things is a bit of a commitment anyway. I know there are very few books I would sign up for before they were out. Hopefully, like me, most people prefer to buy a book when they can get it immediately.

Well, you can now get Murder of a Working Ghost immediately 🙂

A murdered specter. An unwanted suitor. Malice at the Museum.

Halloween approaches and in the ancient capital of the Fens, Haley Thorpe is working as a costumed actor on a ghost tour. When one of the other ‘ghosts’ is murdered by a cunning device, suspicion falls on Haley—the only one unobserved at the scene.

If that wasn’t enough, Sean, the guy her parents think she should marry, is turning into a regular stalker. She doesn’t want to date him. She’s not sure she wants to date anyone at all, but does she have a choice?

Can she and Rory—her posh house-mate—figure out the real murderer before she gets arrested? And can someone tell Sean that he’s not all that before he starts breaking down the door?


In which Zach subjects Rory to that most unnatural of tortures – voluntary exercise. Haley figures out at least one strand of what variety of queer she is. The Ely ghost tours feature too much real death, and archery is no-one’s best friend.