Awaiting the paperback proof

I love ebooks! I would not be without them. I love being able to carry a library in my pocket on my phone or e-reader. But there’s still something magical about a paper book.

Since transferring my paperbacks from Createspace to KDP, I seem to have sold more of them. Whether that’s because Amazon are doing something weird to reconcile us all for all the work of the transfer, or because my paperbacks are just beginning to gain traction, I’m not sure. But however it is, I’m glad to report that I’ve set up the files for the paperback of Murder of a Working Ghost, the proof copy is in the post to me, and as a result I can pretty much guarantee the paperback will be out at the same time as the ebook.

I’m now considering doing Audiobooks as well. Shut myself in a wardrobe (for the audio-dampening properties of being surrounded by fabric) with my laptop and a microphone and see if I can produce a good narration myself. Otherwise it’s royalty-share ACX with a proper voice actor. But I’d like to see if I can do it first. I think it could be fun.