Who am I?

That sounds very existential, doesn’t it? But I’m not really going to try to go into the depths of self analysis right now. I’m just posting this to introduce myself and say a little about why I decided to write cozy mystery. I’ve been writing since I was eleven. Which means, now that I’m squarely […]

Types of Cozy Mystery Sleuth, part one

aka it’s time for me to catch up on some background reading. I’m finally doing the second draft of Murder of a Straw Man. The plot and the bare bones of the book are done already, and now I’m adding fine details and making sure the characterization doesn’t waver all over the place, the plot […]

Christmas Playlist

This time of the year all the old favourites come out again, and there’s a certain nostalgic pleasure about that. But sometimes you do wonder if there’s ever been any other Christmas songs. Does it really have to be Slade, Bing Crosby, Baby it’s Cold Outside and Rocking Around the Christmas Tree every year? So, […]

Morris Dancing Murder Mystery?

As a writer friend commented when she saw my book description, “What is a morris dancer?” Here Wikipedia comes up trumps with a really quite accurate page on all the different styles. If you have a vague idea of a morris dancer, you’re probably thinking of Cotswold dancers, who all tend to look a bit […]